Who are we ?




Unge Nutrient, Import, Export, Petrol Industry and Trade Limited Liability Company which is founded on a field being 27.000 m2 and 14.000 m2  storage shut in Mersin can provide high-quality and competitive price with “scale economy” at the same time. The central location of our facilities which have 2.5 km distance to Mersin Seaport is useful for our customers’ shipping cost. They serve by having 14.000 m2 shut are field and 13.000 m2 opening as depending on Mersin Customs Directorate and as A Type General Warehouse. Our facility that consists of 7 standard warehouses can reach high storage level with its walls that consist of reinforced concrete completely not only for casting goods but also for tracked goods.

Storage Field

Customs Shut Field 10.000 square meters
Customs Open Storage Field 3.000 square meters
Free Shut Warehouse 4.000 square meters
Free Open Field Storage 10.000 square meters
TOTAL 27.000 square meters

Our Quality Policy

*** We always behave according to ethic rules by focusing on customers’ satisfaction, guessing their expectations in advance, heeding their feedback and bettering our process always.
*** We feel that we have to please our personnel by providing them experience by means of education, happy and peaceful work environment and by shaping their future.
*** Taking care of nature and environment, not spoiling natural life and working by knowing environmental responsibility are seen our future plans.
*** Respecting social, cultural, ethic, moral values and beliefs, considering everyone as the same with us, helping everyone and improving society are seen our mission.
*** We work altogether, economically sustainable, neatly and profitably.





*** Products that stay at warehouses are insured according to European Union standards against all risks
*** Our storages are protected by our experienced security staff for 24 hours
Our all storages and shut and closed fields are watched by security cams which are modern
*** Suitable price with high-quality
*** We have personnel who can work for 24 hours without cease
*** There are fire sensors, and there are fire extinguishers in all storages
*** We have central location and it is possible to describe it easily.
*** It is possible to load and empty carefully and rapidly by means of our modern vehicles and equipment.
*** We don’t prevent the work of traffic thanks to our wide useful open field.
*** Forklifts and digger tools are supplied by us to firms.
*** We have experienced staff and substructure.
*** It is possible to save shipping cost by using storages and warehouses at the same time.
*** We have an electronic 60 tons weighbridge no to paralyse works.
*** It is possible to use high capacity, especially, in casting products thanks to its reinforced concrete walls.


To be a brand having leader service network, transboundary, Turkey-wide and worldwide.



To construct our tomorrows by reaching beyond of service expectations by means of the experiences of yesterday and the innovations of today and by reaching excellence by means of standards accepted modern and universal.


To aim to provide high-quality service and solutions by satisfy our customers’ expectations and needs completely, by working to provide absolute satisfaction to customers without faults as Unge Nutrient, Import, Export, Petrol Industry and Trade Limited Liability Company.